Fitness Tips

WE live and we learn. Sometimes we learn by doing, sometimes we learn from others. While getting started on your fitness journey, it is hard to know what’s what. It is not common knowledge that, “no pain no gain,” is simply not true. It is not common knowledge that you do not need to throw up, become like Alex Mack and turn into a puddle (who knows this reference?) after every workout, or grind through pain. Asking others around you who are more experienced is a great place to start if you ever have any questions.

Fitness Tip: Basics are all you need but you can get even more from expanding your toolbox.

There can be a lot of intimidating looking workouts online. You do not have to do those, unless you aspire to achieve those things. Completing a backflip into a pushup isn’t a prerequisite to becoming fit. Learning how to do a squat, hip hinge, plank, pushup, row and farmer carry are all you really need. However, if you want to get the most from your fitness, then gaining the mobility to do overhead exercises can really pay off, such as doing a one armed overhead press or a pullup. These skills can really add to the quality of your life. Making putting on clothing easier, as well as placing items in the overhead bin a breeze. If you wish to remain well balanced and powerful then adding in some joint friendly ballistic movements such as kettlebell swings can be a good option.

Fitness Tip: There isn’t a rush to becoming “fit”

When some people start their fitness journey, it’s pedal to the metal. Usually it’s due to some sort of deadline such as a wedding, or the summer is coming, or something along those lines. Often what this leads to is going too hard too soon. The body needs to be eased into shape not whipped. If you are sore for more than 3 days after a session, feel free to pump the brakes before your body slams on them. Going too hard can lead to injury and sideline you from achieving your fitness goals. This is the opposite of what working out is supposed to do. It is supposed to improve the quality of your health(life). If you become injured, then the quality has gone down and so has your health.

Fitness Tip: If something hurts, it is not right for you at the moment, find something else to do.

If you are performing an exercise and it causes pain, STOP! Make sure you are performing the move correctly. If you are doing the movement to the best of your ability and it still is causing pain, then regress the movement. If it still causes pain even once you’ve taken a step back, then remove it from your workouts for the time being. It is not right for you at the moment and maybe after doing more mobility and soft tissue work, you will be able to do the movement in the future.

Fitness Tip: Have FUN!

Everything else in life can be OH so serious, allow fitness to be a time to have fun. Move your body and be a kid again. Definitely take your health seriously, but try not to allow it to feel like a daunting task forever. If at first it needs to feel like a chore that’s fine, but over time try to figure out what you enjoy doing and do that.

The gym is becoming more and more welcoming to people from all walks of life. To think the gym is not for you is self limiting. The gym is for everyone. So ask all of the questions you need to ask and then get started on your fitness journey. The future you is waiting.