Why Me!?

            How many of us have ever asked, “Why me!?“ But, let’s really answer this question, why you? Most people who over eat consistently put on weight. Most people who eat a diet high in fried foods have high blood pressure, and so on. If you are doing things and getting the outcomes that should happen, then you should not be mad at anyone but yourself. This “why me” mindset puts the accountability out of your playing field. I’m here to tell you that you have to be accountable for your outcomes. When things don’t go well for you, do not immediately start blaming others. For one, its annoying; two, we are grown people who can control what is going on with us. We aren’t babies. Being accountable is a major key to being Strong. Look, I understand there are some things in life that are out of our control, but we can always control how we react to those things. Be accountable. Do not make excuses or point the blame.

            Being accountable was one of the hardest things for me to take ownership over. If a coach yelled at me for fuckin up, I would make an excuse as to why it happened. They would always bark back, “No excuses,” which would annoy me, but it was so true. The bottom line is it happened. What are you gonna do to prevent it from happening again? These days I try not to place blame and just work on solutions.

            When you learn to be accountable it makes every situation better.

             It’s not to blame yourself for bad shit that happens to you. If it’s a repeated pattern, you need to look at yourself and see what can be done differently. If it’s a person you want to blame for something, take responsibility for being around them. If it was something that really is out of your control, just try to move forward. Always move forward. Often times we want to blame others because that’s the easy thing to do. Blaming ourselves goes against our self actualization or the belief that we are good. Whenever that is challenged, the mind will make shit up until we feel good about ourselves again. Knowing this will help you identify when your mind is playing tricks on you and trying to get you to start playing the blame game.

            Being accountable goes a long way to keeping good mental health. When you get into the habit of blaming others or the world for things that happen to you in your life, you create a very negative and acidic mental environment, which can easily leave you feeling helpless. This helpless feeling then follows you around. If you get sick, instead of thinking of course you got sick the world wanted you to get sick, take action against the sickness. Don’t feed into it since you feel you don’t have any control.  When you learn to take control of a situation, you become much healthier mentally. Having a great mindset makes everything seem possible. It makes us Strong! It also helps lead to change.