Strength is a Mindset

I hope by now you have figured out that Strength is not a place. Strength is not a number. Strength is a mindset. Your mind is a powerful tool. It is Strong as frick. We all have one and we can all use it to our advantage.


 I think it is important to remember we all are on our own journey through life. Worrying about what Janice Squats or Tommy benches are will not help you accomplish your goals. Asking, “How do I get my chest to look like his?” or “Why can’t I do 20 pull-ups like Tasha?” will do nothing but frustrate and disappoint you. Take your focus off others because they are on their own journey. You have no idea what their life history entails.


I can’t tell you how frustrated I used to get watching someone do a really cool skateboard trick and say, “I should be able to do that.” Meanwhile, I had never even figured out how to Ollie, let alone do anything else. An Ollie to skateboarding is like squatting to exercise. Point is, comparing your journey to anyone else’s just isn’t smart. Complaining why they have something you don’t, or can do something you currently can’t do, will simply frustrate you. No matter who you are, there will always be someone who does something “better” than you. Unless you are motivated by that type of thinking, jealousy, envy, which is very rare, you will ultimately never find happiness with what you have.


You have to be able to find happiness in what you have or what you can do. This does not mean be complacent with where you are. We are always looking to grow. Instead of dwelling on shit that’s irrelevant to YOU, think of all of the things you currently can do. Also, look to make little personal records, or PRs, as frequently as you can. Lift a few pounds more than you ever have while performing a Goblet Squat, push yourself to do one more pushup in a set than you ever have in your life, or complete your first pull-up ever whether it was assisted or not.


Whether you have thick legs or skinny calves, like myself, you have to learn to love you for you.  I am certain someone else out there is into whatever you have. Love is always the answer. Just love yourself.


Look for the small victories, whether it’s the PRs in the gym and at home. Even outside of the gym, make some PRs by telling your girlfriend she is beautiful more times than you ever have, telling your boyf he’s the man, opening the door for a stranger multiple times in a day. The little victories that make you happier will make someone else happier and ultimately make you a better person. That’s what makes you Strong! So stop being so harsh on yourself. Love yourself and worry about your own journey. Remember, Strength is a mindset. If you think you are Strong, then you are Strong. Ya dig?