Trust the Process, OK

You gotta trust the process, ok? As I’ve mentioned frequently, having patience is key. However, not only is having patience a necessity, but also having trust. I’m talking about having trust that what you are doing is working and will work if you see it through. Trust the process!

I remember my old coach at UCONN constantly saying, “trust the process!” It would go in one ear and out the other. He went as far as to show us this guy climbing a rock wall in Yosemite without any ropes or harnesses. To me back then, I just saw a crazy dude. Today, I still see him as a crazy dude, but I understand the point of the video. You have to prepare, have a plan, and execute the plan with the upmost trust in order for it to work. As a team, we did not trust the process, or at least his process, which is why we weren’t very good. When you do not trust the process, you will half ass things. When you half ass things you get half ass results. So, fully trust the process. See it out and make the appropriate adjustments afterwards.

Setting and following a plan is where patience comes in again. We should not set these deadlines for when we want to lose weight by. This is automatically going to make us a bit crazy to see results and may bring us to extreme measures to gain them. Remember, we are on a life long journey of trying to create healthy behaviors and habits that will land us where we want to be. Too many times people jump programs after doing it for 2 weeks saying, “That program doesn’t work…Blah blah blah.” Think of it this way, you can’t learn to fly in 2 weeks and the results you are seeking won’t take two weeks either. After two weeks, you essentially know nothing about whether what you are doing is beneficial or not.  A good, solid plan or program will help build you up and lead you towards the right path. Any program should take you at least 6 weeks and, to be honest, I think even that timeframe is too short. Using each program or plan as a chance to learn and adjust in the future will lead to obtaining your goals down the road.

When I was training for the Beast Tamer, I went all in. I came up with the plan, trusted the plan, executed the plan to a T, and still failed. But failing is ok. It’s only a temporary setback, which allowed me to understand what works and what doesn’t work for my body. I went back to the drawing board, made some minor adjustments and crushed it four weeks later. Failure is a part of success. Until we aren’t afraid of failing, or not worried about having our beach body by a certain time, or hitting a PR in two weeks of starting a new program, then we most likely won’t reach our goals because we will be too busy constantly switching up the plan.

Oftentimes it isn’t even the plan that is lacking, but the execution of it that causes it to “not work”. So, remember, if you are starting a new program or plan to help reach your goals, trust it and stick with it. Worst-case scenario, you know what not to do next time. Best-case scenario, you obtained your goals.