Instant Gratification

            Instant gratification is the killer of dreams.  Learning how to be patient is one of the best characteristics one can develop that will lead to being truly strong. It takes an awful lot of will power to be patient. Believe me, I used to be a very impatient kid who wanted things instantly. I wanted to instantly be a pro at the saxophone. When I would ask a question, I wanted it answered immediately. I would get super annoyed if I had to repeat myself. Now, I think patience is one of my strongest attributes that allows me to do what I do today. Patience helps me make people into a better version of themselves both physically and mentally.

            Learning patience is not the easiest task to complete. Achieving this takes little victories. This brings me to my first strategy, enjoy the process. Much like many things in life that do not happen over night, becoming patient is one of them. Learning how to enjoy the process is key to becoming patient. Some things might be out of your control and that’s okay. You may have to wait for someone else to do their part so you can do yours. Your body may shed fat from your legs first and not your back like you would like. Control what you can. Control the work that you do and your actions. But, even be patient with that. People often get hurt trying to go too hard way too soon. Take it easy. Life is not a sprint.

           So many times people try to undo what’s already been done. What’s done is done. LEARN from it and move on. It’s hard to accept when things do not go “your way.” Such as, you didn’t get whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it. This goes back to control. Remember, control what you can and move forward. I repeat, you cannot undo what’s already been done, but you can try to dampen it’s impact. For example, let’s say on the weekend you slipped up and drank and ate a ton of shit. Do not then starve yourself on Monday or workout 10 times harder than normal. Just try to get back on track. Do whatever it is that your plan calls for. 

            Setting goals that you know cannot be achieved overnight is a great place to start. This rids your mindset of instant gratification and it will usually help build habits along the way. For example, instead of having an outcome goal to lose 5 lbs by next week, make your goal something more along the lines of going to the gym 3 days a week for the next 6 weeks. You need to establish the appropriate behaviors first before you can accomplish any outcome goal. In doing this you will be developing a habit, learning patience, and understanding what it takes to accomplish your goals.

            Being patient is true power. It is so easy to blow a fuse over little shit. It’s easy to get pissed off or frustrated because you used to be way stronger or the weight isn’t coming off as fast as you would like. It’s hard to not think about the past but, you’re not going that way.  Look forward and think of how you are going to get to where you want to be. Enjoy the ride. So the next time you find your blood boiling, instead of letting the rage overflow, try to practice some patience. Having piece of mind goes a long way and so does building mental strength. If you want to be considered a disciplined person, patience is most definitely a key factor. So remember, instant gratification is the enemy young Jedi.