Change Change Go Away

          Change change go away, come again some other day. So many people feel that when change approaches the best thing to do is what you have already been doing. Many times when there is a chance to change the opportunity is squandered because we are often too quick to jump to the conclusion that change is bad or that we don't need to change because where we are is super comfortable.

            I can tell you that I was once a person who had few emotions besides anger and happiness. Had never wept a tear while watching a movie and just was kinda an asshole. Fast forward to now, The Great Gatsby made me tear up and I've shaken most of my asshole tendencies depending on who you ask. Point is I changed. I changed a lot and if I hadn't there is no way I would be able to do what I do today, so give change a chance and make something great out of it.

            Let's start off by saying that change isn’t bad. We need to start there. Change = opportunity to grow. Change is beautiful, when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly that shit’s pretty.  The process of living is beautiful and that is filled with change, from being a helpless infant into strong adults. Yet when change appears in our lives as adults we often panic. Don’t panic! I procrastinated moving for months due to my fear of change so I completely understand the feeling. Start looking at the positives that can come from change. Reassure yourself that change is good. It is a great opportunity to learn.

            Take a moment to assess the situation any time change presents itself. Don't fight it. Often times we make these models up in our minds that are absolutely not accurate. How many times have we misjudged a book by its cover? Someone with chronic bitchface turns out to be very pleasant and not a bitch at all. Sometimes we are good at predicting but often times we are not. So the only thing we can do is control what we can control, ourselves. So when change presents itself take a deep look in the mirror and figure out if what you’ve been doing is actually good and has been working for you, and be honest. If it's not, don't be so afraid of change.

           If change presents itself and makes you have to choose between doing what you've been doing and something new, assess first. Has what you've been doing gotten you the results you want. Has it really made you consistent or are these things that you just assumed to be true. In many instances we are running around being insane, doing what we’ve always done but expecting different results. Again, do not be afraid of change. We need to start thinking if someone says to you, “you've changed” as a great compliment. You should be insulted if someone says you haven't changed a bit since high school unless they're talking about you looking young still 😉. Change = growth. If you plant a seed you want it to turn into a plant, fruit, vegetable, something right? That seed goes through change to become whatever it was meant to be. As people we need to do the same thing. The seed won't change without water and nutrients and we won't change without doing anything differently. If you don't want to grow then obviously don't change, sprint from it as fast as you can. But if you do want to grow, embrace change and come out of it a better, stronger person.