Present Day Health and Fitness Information

Before you stumbled on my gems, when was the last time you learned anything about nutrition or strength and conditioning? I mean, for most of us we are still basing habits off things we were exposed to when we were kids. Where do you currently get your health information? Do you have a good source? In today’s day and age we all think we can just ask Siri some ish to get an answer. Which leads to feeling butthurt when siri doesn’t know how to answer the question we are asking. We search stuff and whatever answer we find first or whatever answer sides closest to our predisposed position we will take as fact. This completely discludes all of the bits of information that might not support our case. Let’s start updating our knowledge from viable sources.


I am going to help you out. If you are searching for health and fitness information and aren’t quite sure where to look, check out some of these websites.



This is my absolute favorite gym in the world. It’s run by two incredible humans and their awesome team of coaches. Their social media is full of great exercise tutorials as well as a community of kickass clients who all want to see each other win. They are a great example of how to do things right in the fitness world. They concentrate on changing your mindset as well as your behaviors. They understand that fitness is more than just exercising.



I have not had the pleasure to meet any of these strong women in person, but I love their content. Though their name is clearly geared towards women, the information is useful to anyone who can read. They cover everything from why weight training is important for keeping good health through life, to how certain foods can affect you, to how to strength train while pregnant. They cover it all and the best part is, it is from a different perspective than the one we are usually gaining our information from.



Talk about gems. Precision Nutrition does an amazing job of simplifying nutrition. Often, people will over think their nutrition which can get really confusing and hard to know what’s good and what’s bad. Precision Nutrition gets rid of all of the thinking for you and breaks it down into an easily digestible nugget of healthy eating.

These are just a few amazing sites. There are many other websites that have great information, but the three that I’ve listed do the best job of giving you the information you need without the confusing additives. They are all very reader friendly and you don’t have to worry about having to check every two seconds to look up some word that some dude is throwing at you just to sound smart. Gain knowledge from a different perspective and watch your world expand. Once you’ve paid each site a visit I am sure you will understand the Power of Strength.