Discover New Things

Try something new! That has been my theme this summer. I have paddle boarded for the first time ever. Parasailed in the Pacific Ocean, slept outside, slept on a beach, kayaked in the ocean, worked with a major magazine, plus many other firsts. Each experience has given me a different and new perspective. Every time you do something new you create new neural pathways. This means your brain essentially grew, not in size but in density. These neural pathways are like muscle development from resistance training. It is great for your brain and can go a long way towards keeping your brain healthy. The summer is the perfect time to try new ways of moving your body or experiencing new stimuli. I think it’s great to find a new way to move your body, stimulate your mind, and enhance your soul.

Finding a new way to move your body can be relatively easy or hard, depending on how adventurous you have been. Learning how to tumble, do a handstand or jump correctly can be fun ways to move your body around. If you do yoga and have never strength trained you can try learning how to do a goblet squat, kettlebell swing, or a turkish get up. If all you do is strength train you can try yoga or kinstretch. Another great way to move your body in a new way is getting out on the water and trying any of the water sports you have never done before, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or canoeing. Also, you can learn to scuba or snorkel, these will give you a different perspective, as well as a new chance to express yourself through movement and to explore your environment.

Exploring new ways to stimulate your mind is very easy no matter what you have done in your life. Reading is one of the best ways you can stimulate your mind. There is an infinite number of books, articles, blogs that you can read to last you a lifetime. Each is written by a different person which instantly gives you a new perspective. If you are used to reading fiction you can try non fiction and vice versa. Another way to stimulate your mind is going somewhere new. Whether this is simply taking a different path home or actually taking a trip to a new place. Seeing something you have never seen before gives your mind new information to take in and process. Seeking out novelty can also help with creativity which may be just the spark you need in your life to finish a project or to begin one.

Enhancing your soul consist of doing something that stimulates both your mind and your body. Meditation is obviously one of the best things you can do for your soul. However, taking your meditation into the great outdoors can be a game changer. Having the sun on your back, ocean breeze on your face and hearing the sound of waves, birds and whatever else can really add to the experience. If you’ve already meditated in every place possible, you can try another form of soul enhancing such as doing a cold plunge or sitting in a sauna or steam room. On the surface both of these experiences seem like they are just physical. However, once you try the cold plunge you quickly realize it’s a mental game to stay in that frigid water for more than two seconds.

There are many other ways you can stimulate your mind, body, and soul. These are just a few options of things I have tried, some of which I have incorporated into my life. All of these stimulants are great, even if they are not new to you, you can still gain a lot from consistently doing any of these stimulants. Remember that taking care of your mind won’t happen on its own, you have to put forth effort to make sure it remains in good health much like you do with your body.