People Never Get The Flowers While They Can Still Smell Them, Until Now

This is a sappy one but necessary for y’all to know how I started out. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for a certain someone who saw something in me. I would like to pay homage to someone who probably hears enough about what a good guy he is. Besides all that shit that’s true about him, like he’s one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever met, he has done so much more for me than just being a nice person. This guy was my DJ Khaled, my giver of major keys, well before DJ Khaled was doing his thing.


        Looking back on life and how I have progressed through the years, I’ve come to realize that Greg was the first greatcoach I have ever had. I played all kinds of sports growing up; basketball, baseball, football, track and field. I had good coaches along the way, so no disrespect. But, after 18 years of existing on this planet, it wasn’t until I went to Greg for training that I experienced what a great coach can do for you. He knew how to push me, didn’t let me cheat, knew how to appease to my ego, and always seemed present every time I was around him. Every day was a good day in his eyes. His attitude was infectious.  He surrounded himself with good people, who also influenced a lot of the decisions that I made later on.


        Years later, once I completed college and was searching for a career, I reached out to my old role-model of a coach to just talk about life. Our casual conversation quickly lead to how I started to shadow Greg and the other coaches at his gym, thinking this was something I could really see myself doing. I already interned with him during my time in college and got to see both sides of the equation. I had a basic understanding of what the career entailed. He would always say to me, “Think of a great coach you’ve had in the past, and think about what made you like them, what made them jump out in your mind, and then try to emulate them.” It was great advice indeed. However, I don’t think Greg realized that when I did this exercise, he was the person I thought of.


        Being able to watch him balance running a successful small business, which started off as just him, to now having 12+ employees and over 300 clients, was nothing less than inspiring. From the outside looking in, I couldn’t understand how he had the time and patience to deal with certain tough clients on top of maintaining such a demanding schedule. He was a man who wore many hats, from being a great dad to two boys, a great husband, and an incredible coach, I was always amazed by how he balanced each position so effortlessly and with such grace.


        After a few months of shadowing at his facility, a rare opportunity presented itself, two of his top trainers were moving and he was in need of a trainer. He thought I would be a great fit, which was an incredible surprise to myself. I was lucky that I had put in the time and enjoyed the process of learning when he presented me with a job opportunity. I was both humbled and ecstatic that he saw something in me. I, without a doubt, took the job, passed my certification, and haven’t looked back since. Every day I aspire to be that great coach to whomever I train in the same way my old boss was a great coach to me.