Message to My Peers:

There is no better day to start than today. So many times I hear, “I’ll get started in a few months” or “I’d love to work out now but I don’t have enough time. I’ll start when I am not as busy” or “I don’t need to workout. I am still ripped and I eat whatever I want.” Sometimes it’s not even a thought. There isn’t an excuse or reason they don’t train, they just don’t. All of this is understandable. I get it, we are all at the point in our careers where we are trying to build something. We may have terrible hours we have to work and that’s okay. However, there is always time. Most of the people we idolize all train whether it’s once per week or 7 days a week. I am positive all of these people are busier than we are, yet they make time. Look, as my friend/coworker Beth Lewis says, “Lifes a bitch, and it’ll catch up to you.” There is no better time to start a habit than when you do not need it. Yes, some of us are lucky where we can eat anything we want and not gain a pound, be as sedentary as possible and look the same as we did when we were 18, or drink like a fish and have no repercussions. There will be a point in time where this is not the case. You do not want to get to that point and then have to build a habit to undo years of being unhealthy. As we get older it becomes a lot harder to build new habits. It becomes more difficult to lose fat and very challenging to gain muscle. I beg you to start today. Do not think about how far you have to go. Instead, focus on the now and the habits you can start to build today that will lead to a healthier you in the future. Learning to balance your nutrition, move your body frequently, change your mindset to one of strength, and really take care of your body from your teeth to your feet. All of these things will benefit you in the long run. You will feel amazing, you will feel sexy, you will feel Strong. That is the true Power of Strength.